10 Southeast MO State Parks to See on Your Next Camping Trip

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10 Southeast MO State Parks to See on Your Next Camping Trip

Missouri is a state brimming with culture, tradition, history, diverse flora and fauna, scenic beauty and barbecue. Southeastern Missouri, in particular, is a geological wonder, with the Ozark Mountains and the karst topography of St. Francois Mountains making a mark in the landlocked state. Its southeastern-most part, the Missouri Bootheel, is its wettest area. All its natural wonders make it a good place to take your family, friends and your RV on a camping trip of a lifetime. 

The Show-Me State has a lot of recreational parks and wildlife sanctuaries to offer, and if you want the whole camping experience to be the best, Southeast Missouri is the place to go. 

Here are 10 state parks to add to your bucket list for your next camping trip: 


St. Francois State Park

What once was a natural refuge for desperate Civil War outlaws is now a sanctuary for thousands of tourists looking to get away from the metropolis. St. Francois State Park is a 2735-acre natural and cultural history-filled scenic wonder. Coonville Creek and the Big River can be found within the state park, as well as the Pike Run Hills a refuge to rare and indigenous plants and animals and the Mooner’s Hollow—home to moonshine stills back in the day. With lots to offer, visitors won’t run out of activities and idyllic views. 

Activities:  Equestrian trails, backpacking trail, fishing, biking/walking trails, camping


Paul Sableman from St. Louis, MO / CC BY

Echo Bluff State Park

In the early 1900s, Echo Bluff State Park was once Camp Zoe. It was a place where a summer youth camp once thrived, creating lasting memories for kids. It was then turned into a Grateful Dead tribute festival, Schwagstock, until the state of Missouri took over and developed it into the state park it is today. The whole park itself is an outdoor wonderland where visitors of all ages can camp or stay in modernesque lodges and cabins.

Activities: Backpacking trail, fishing, biking/walking trails, camping, canoeing, swimming


Kbh3rd / CC BY-SA

Sam A. Baker State Park

Named after the former Missouri governor, the scenic beauty of the St. Francois Mountains serves as the backdrop for the Sam A. Baker State Park. Fishers are in for a big treat as the park itself is accessible to both St. Francis River and Big Creek, giving expert and beginner anglers alike a chance to snag varieties of fish. This 5323-acre sprawling ground is one of the oldest state parks in Missouri, popular for its fascinating geological structures and igneous domes, including the 1313-feet Mudlick Mountain, where you can have unobstructed views and vistas of the whole park and its surrounding areas.

Activities: Canoeing, equestrian trails, backpacking trails, fishing, biking/walking trails, camping


Trail of Tears Display - Photo by: Adam Jones

Trail of Tears State Park

The Trail of Tears State Park is a solemn reminder of the most tragic chapter of American History. It has been preserved akin to how the Cherokees have seen the place back in the day. You can view the tale of their forced exodus in the park’s visitor center. On a lighter note, the park has many activities and scenic sites to offer. For birdwatchers, being on the edge of the Mississippi River makes the Trail of Tears State Park a good place to see migratory waterfowl. Fishers also have bountiful opportunities because of the river and Lake Boutin. For people with service animals in tow, they’re welcome inside the state park.

Activities: Equestrian trails, boating, backpacking trail, fishing, biking/walking trails, camping


Rapids-at-montauk.jpg - panoramio

Good Free Photos / CC BY

Montauk State Park

Montauk State Park is known for its seven springs. These natural springs flow 43 million gallons per day and form the headwaters of the Current River. The park is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts due to the cool spring water and the abundance of rainbow trout. Various amenities and activities fill the shady green retreat. Visiting the Montauk Mill, which was built in 1896, is a history trip in itself. It’s a testament to a bygone era when Montauk was once a thriving community. Whether you want to camp, hike or have a picnic, Montauk State Park has something for you, your friends and family.

Activities: Fishing, biking/walking trails, camping, history tour


Lake Wappapello State Park

If you want to rest easy in a lakeside wonderland, then Lake Wappapello is the place to go. This place offers scenic lakeside coves perfect for fishing and frolicking. This coastal park was once used by the Native Americans and pioneers to feed their families. The nearby Asher Creek has a designated winter waterfowl refuge, where birdwatchers can see various wintering birds, such as eagles and ospreys, and other species, such as great blue herons and great horned owls.

Activities: Fishing, boating, equestrian trails, backpacking trail, biking/walking trails, camping


Taum Sauk Falls - Photo by: Keith Yahl

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park

Located in the St. Francois Mountains, this state park is at the highest point in Missouri. It’s not as accommodating as the other state parks, catering more to hikers and backpackers. Taum Sauk Mountain State Park is the perfect escape to the state’s all-encompassing wilderness, giving you the perfect chance to be one with nature. Mina Sauk Falls, the highest waterfall in Missouri, can be observed in the state park during the wet season. Crystal clear waters flow in the Taum Sauk Creek, recognized by the state for its beauty and scientific value. Being in St. Francois Mountains, awe-striking geological formations are scattered across the state park.

Activities: Backpacking trail, biking/walking trails, camping

Kbh3rd / CC BY

Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park

In 2005, a failure at the nearby Taum Sauk reservoir caused the waters of the river to rush through, flooding this state park. The disaster didn’t faze the shut-ins—geological pools of wonder where the rocks were shaped by the Black River itself—only bringing debris into the waters; it reopened fully in 2010. This is another St. Francois Mountains-based state park. Here, you can hike the 2-mile scour trail where the flood went through. You can also take a hike and a dip in the shut-ins. Navigating through that trail requires concentration as boulders and crags fill the area.

Activities: Backpacking trail, biking/walking trail, equestrian trails, fishing, camping


Don Kasak from St. Louis, MO, US / CC BY

Onondaga Cave State Park

You will discover in this National Natural Landmark why Missouri is sometimes called the Cave State. Stay on the surface and see the panoramic views of the Meramec River in the Vilander Bluff Natural Area. Or you can visit the namesake itself: the spectacular underground beauty of Onondaga Cave. Ancient volcanic activity has shaped this scenic cavern, filling it up with growing deposits, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, soda straws. All these geological clusters decorate the cave.

Activities: Cave tours, biking/walking trails, boating, fishing, camping


 St. Joe State Park

If there’s anything that makes St. Joe State Park a vacation spot, it’s the off-road vehicle trails—one of the largest ORV areas in the Midwest. Located in the old “Lead Belt” region of southeast Missouri, it used to be a mining area of the St. Joe Minerals Corporation before they stopped operating in the area and donated the land to the state in the 1970s. Outdoor activities are spread throughout the mining-area-turned-state park. Everyone has the chance to enjoy the state park’s winding trails and scenic views. It has four clear lakes—perfect for fishers and those looking for a dip in the water. The mining structures stand today as Missouri Mines State Historic Site. 

Activities: Off-road trekking, biking/walking trails, history tour, boating, fishing, swimming, camping

Make your camping trips more memorable by going to the scenic wonderland that is Southeastern Missouri.


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